Overcome Hate with Love

Thu, 08/01/2013 - 04:14 -- sbedian


Black, white, red, yellow,

Gunshots at night, in a Harlem ghetto,

The frightening things that segregation brings,

Racial hate messages sting and hurt everything,

Lingering doubts even modern man pouts,

The shouts of the crowd are loud and brazen,

The crazy men crying for enlightened ways,

Tightening their grips through the haze of days ahead of us,

"Better us", they say, "make the bad man go away",

The Ku Klux Clan marches past their way,

Unfashionable and unbearable with the threats they carry and say,

Not merry or gay, hairy situations scary machinations of people led astray,

Tarry time leave minds alone, let the love long planted grown implanted shown,

Mantled ecstasy of others like you and me, seekrs of harmony take away misery,

Disarmingly charming and bombarding with messages saying "be happy",

Now the laughter comes through to us and pleases wih trust and ease,

The lust and greed must not seed themselves too deeply,

Speak freely, and easily not so earily come clearly back gently.

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