Over There

Tue, 02/06/2018 - 22:37 -- Adee

Dear Pemby,

            I write this letter to you tonight so that you might know how much I (and my family) care for you. Even though you always think you are not important to us-know that you mean the world to me. You are the brother I have always wanted but never had and I am glad you happened to have my father for a Sergeant. Your family has even been welcoming to me by allowing our families to become one. From dancing to electric dance music in your Jeep to fighting on a battle field (even if it was just a reenactment-it meant more than that); you are my brother regardless if we are blood relatives or not.

            This letter is also a thank you note to show my appreciation to you for saving me countless times in different ways. You saved me from injuries and fights and broken hearts and even from dangerous people I have encountered in my life. I try my best to help you to in your endeavors whether it be learning a new language, song, or writing that special someone when you cannot find the words to express your sentiment. Most importantly; you saved me from a different future.

            There is no doubt that I will always wonder what my life would have been like as a soldier but, even though I do not like the outcome right now-I would not change my life. Before you came along, there was a great deal of pressure on me for enlisting in the military and carrying on our “family tradition”. It was never said that way and my parents supported my choice either way, but I know my dad was disappointed that none of his children enlisted like he and his father had. Taking into consideration the fact my father has all daughters, not only will the family tradition die out-but the family name as well. I know you cannot help on that front but I am trying to save the O’Kelley name (a letter for a different time). I was raised as a soldier ever since I was born and I always felt bad for my decisions because I knew my father would be upset and all I ever wanted to do was make him proud. I am still trying too; but by you taking a place in our crazy family, you became the son I know my father always wanted and the pressure I felt before suddenly evaporated and I could live my life feeling better about my choices.

            If you were here now I know you would tease me for such an emotional letter but I want you to be able to fathom your worth to me and my family. So, as you fight over there, know that you have so many people thinking about you and praying for your safe return. When you do return, we can take a ride around Fort Bragg in the Jeep and hang around the drop zone like old times.

Love your little sister,


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