Outside of the Box


A dream:
Alive, wind skimming my face
Oxygen ripening within my lungs
I am outside
Running among the lives of everyone
The world, a reverse cementary 
People, not yet in loving memory
But in living memory
And suddenly I woke up


Premature bed sores
From cinderblock mats,
I sit up and look out into my fifth floor view
The window presenting a picture of tightknit clusters
of trees and buildings
Just teasing a taste of what to come
Dangling it in front of my neighbors and I
Not the undead, but the unborn
Fetuses flinging foliage
We came here to turn a new leaf


They watched us through walkways 
Doors that never close should've been removed from the hinges
The neighborhood vulnerable in all the wrong ways
Inviting us in even when we weren't supposed to come visit
The system systematically segrating sanity from sorcery 
Because it must have evil that brought him here
Making sure we stayed here by feeding us the same democrative duty
"No child left behind"
No memories left behind
No sense of dependency left behind
Creating a sense that the longer I laid on the cinderblock mat,
the sooner it would turn into a Temperpedic
Devotion to our community of pity
They, a comma dependent on the sentence structure of ourselves
We needed them


Today, I stand as a semicolon,
Independent of their sentence structure
I have moved far, far away from the box
I have stomped on it, folding itself into the a 2D sheet of faint memory
I place it into the recycling bin in my head
Listing off of concrete confessions, creating a callistetic core
Buidling my barricade of hope, excluding the helplessness of where to begin
Helping myself to a heap of heat
Ancient Sun God Deity shining down on me
This is my time to glisten
He cannot give me my months back,
But I can take my months forward
Because it is no longer a dream for me
It's yesterday
It is today
And it's tomorrow


Right now, I'm alive
Air skimming my face
Oxygen ripening withing my lungs
I am outside
Standing among the lives of everyone and everything
And it feels so good 


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