Thu, 05/15/2014 - 19:53 -- Zaproma


United States

Too many variables Too many scariables

Too many choices I could make

Too many paths that I could take

Too many friends that I could fake

Too many leaves that should be raked

Too many faces I could wear

Too many moments I could share


Overwhelmed in Babylon

          Is it off or is it on?

Condiment? Oh, Grey Poupon

Condiminium? without a lawn

          Is it today or is it dawn?


Purple ink to write this song

I am so right I can't be left

Your head is now vacated 

Patriots they wet the bed

So angry that I'm not a zombie

We be so overrated

Mistakes illusions plaster glass

Cellar cellular celulite sell you mother

Boat hat shutter shudder

Camera on the titanic




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