An Outlet

A world where one sentence can change a life

Is a planet where words whether written down or spoken are concrete

Like the streets we travel from dusk until dawn

For some, words pass in one ear and out the other

Just the same as a small child, when told to do a chore or task

For others, these words will aluminate the path they walk

Just like the street lights would in even the darkest of hours

Words are an outlet

To charge the worlds emotions

For the lost, broken, and misguided

An outlet

In which everyone can attach to without being judged

To let go, think, and feel a part of something bigger

Words are just pieces of art that are expressed to make the world beautiful

Or to express the inner nightmares of someone's mind to gain understanding

An outlet...

In which can create or destroy worlds




This poem is about: 
Our world


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