Dear friends, dear friends,

Friendship builds the fundamental blocks of society.

Social interactions are what it means to be human.

Humans need it to live life.

Life has many paths, beginnings and ends.


Dear friends, dear friends,

I'm afraid I've lost its definition,

Defining moments of great times and memories,

Memorizing, remembering, learning one's quirks and factoids,

Factoring in imperfections to allow room for movement,

A moving conversation every now and again?

Against all odds, makes up a friend then.


So many can call me friend,

And yet to call me one would greatly offend,

For all I am is a shadow, a shade,

A Shadow in the darkness that one sees in the corner of its eye.

I have no such memories, remembrances,

Nor does anyone remember anything about me.


Dear friends, dear friends,

I am only one of the unspoken voices,

Voices banished to dwell in an abyss,

An abysmal pit of nothingness and despair.

Despair, for the outcasts wallow there.

There we are forced into constant silence.

Silent screams echo in our hearts, our souls,

The sole dwelling we can trust to depend.


The deep end, surely we've all gone off,

Off we blocked or locked our hearts.

The heart. That small part of us we have left.

Left inside these empty shells, as hollow as we feel,

With our feelings so unapparent, hidden in our masks,

Masked in painted smiles and indirect responses,

Responding hides our sense of worthlessness and pain.


Dear friends, dear friends,

We are so many amongst you,

Ostracized, demoralized, dehumanized.

But then again, no one cares about a shadow.

Count your shadows.


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