Out There


United States
34° 47' 0.276" N, 76° 50' 56.5188" W

Listening out my second floor window, I hear the distant harmonies of a freight train
This train carries more than just coal and steel
It carries the mystery, the unknown, that elusive sense of going nowhere, just going
I want to be on that train, I think to myself
I want to see the great, be the world and fill my glass with its sweet waters

Sitting up here looking out, I sigh. My daydream rumbles on down the tracks, carrying my soul but leaving me behind

Grand visions of the extraordinary do not fill my head when I dream
No, I dream of earthly things; emotions, experiences, people - things I can touch, things I can taste
I wish to be there, in that other place, in that other world that I know exists out there somewhere
Some people say that it will find you, but that's untrue
You gotta go out there and find it yourself or you'll never get anywhere

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