Out of the Pit

When it comes to self-sustain,

There is no loss or gain.


Within your pit you stand,

Surrounded high by your demands.


Shouting wants to the voices above,

Only to find they are echoes, not love.


Once silence fall and your heart is spoken,

The message is now awoken.


Beneath your feet you feel a heave,

Only through Jesus can you leave.



    I rediscovered myself while I was helping others find their new beginning. Through our church's Habitat for Humanity retreat, I was able to serve the less fortunate by building homes and participating in social prayer. It was through these selfless acts I was able to reevaluate my values in life and to see how deeply I have fallen within a trench of self-loathing. One evening on this retreat, I felt the need to write this poem. In a collection of deep moments, this desire was satisfied. Not only has writing this poem help express my personal rediscovery of myself and how to reevaluate challenging circumstances, but it also was inspiring for so many others along our trip and helped keep spirits high as we prepared for another long, tiring, but fulfilling day of service. To this day, I refer to this poem during difficult circumstances as a gentle reminder that this too shall pass. It is my pleasure to share this poem in hopes of touching more individuals with the hope and peace that faith and love can bring.

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My community
Our world
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