Out of love, and nearly departed.


United States
39° 40' 5.7072" N, 105° 5' 47.9796" W

I used to fancy myself a man,
With each day I learn I've never been,
I used to know a woman's heart,
But I designed, to draw the line,
Then strayed away again.

Again? In this solitude I feared?
Again? I find myself alone in tears?
Again I see the evils, and the goodness of this road,
Loanly road, where do we go?
Please bring me someone dear.

To have and to hold, to hold,
someone to hold me here.


Blue was the color of her energy,
jet blue and soothing.
Her eyes more enchanting than the ocean swell,
my heart more swollen than words could tell.
I'm not the man I once fancied myself.
Not smart, or strong, not much to rebuild,
But I've seen those eyes, like jet blue wells,
I've changed, explained by a cast iron spell.

Thank fate I stumbled upon that heart.
For though it's time, and i must depart,
I'll cherish forever, those perfect eyes,
That perfect soul, her perfect smile...

I hope that smile, comes back sometimes,
With a burst of blue, in her deepest mind,
I hope she sees me far inside,
Remember fondly, our fleeting time...

For us, I fear, it's closing time.

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