Out here in the cold

This poem isn't made up to help others. It's from personal experience to help you all understand. Also, a quick note, it was in August 2011, I used 09' in the poem for rhyme.

In Raleigh
Just outside the city
I must say
I would not take pity

I lay here on cardboard
At the stars now I stare
But I am not so bored
With a glance at each glare

Its midnight here
Despite these new faces
I hold no fear
I'm relaxed at new places

And next to me
A man I'd never met before
A man so free
But bound as if captured in war

He was all the way from Belize
He traveled north for his family
So far as if from overseas
He knew a trade but no luck had he

He was expert at fiberglass repair
When I asked him of his trouble
He spoke of a situation unfair
Yet even after this fubble

He said U.S. was best
He had lived well at home
But here all seemed a fest
Here he wanted to roam

He was to get his GreenCard in New York
He'd do it that month. August 09'
To this day, I hope him they did not 'fork'
Even now I hope he's doing fine

The day in question, when we got lost
He was already near lost and hungry
And with that, who knew what it would cost
I made it my mission to help him, see?

I did what I could without regard for myself
Greyhound can only give so much when you're broke
Even then I feared U.S. left him on the shelf
The feds might not really help this man... poor bloke

I went far as I could to help my new friend
All over the Carolina's and Georgia then we went
All the while, nights were spent with one eye opened
It was only days... felt like ages, my story to sent

For those who don't know hunger
For those who don't know discomfort
For those who think they do
For those who don't know fear
For those who don't know courage
For those who think they do
For those who don't know compassion
For those who haven't walked a hundred miles in another's shoes...
And for those who think they do...

Take a lesson in humility. Go the hundred miles. Barefoot, like I did.

Then you will understand, it's not 'bad' so much as different and much more adverse.

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