Out of the Cacoon

I was always to shy to speak sometimes

I was that quiet nobody 

I'd get teased for it oftentimes 

Too average, too awkward

From my looks, to my apperance, to my talents

I wish I had been altered

So I stayed in silence



"Do you know the anwser?"

Should I break free?

To be the real me?

My stomach is tightening.

My tongue feels like its in a state of war.

I'm the silent contrast.

These funny looks surround me

Why is it so frightening?

"Leave her be"

"She never talks."

"Does she even have a voicebox"

Here at last, 

I can't stand it.

I couldn't hold back no longer

The words cascaded out of my mouth like a river

No longer was I mute.

I felt stronger.

I broke out of this cacoon. 



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