Our Words Have Power


Slavery is "long gone", but the mindset still lives on.

We are all "family", even I am your sister, but they sure don't treat me like one.

Though some refuse to admit that reality of the situation,

many still think that the color of our skin makes our lives more or less valuble.

They speak with the knowledge of what they were taught, instead of speaking more practicle.

Irrational and easily collapsible is what our country is becoming to be.

Brothers and sisters, we are still in chains even though the 13th set us free.

Some of the government , our "democracy" , is even corrupted, saying the treat us the same,

but is it a coincidence that if a crime takes place, our names always seem to be blamed?

More hate, less hope, is overtaking us every hour.

So speak your mind, and testify, because our words have power.




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