Our Voices are Heard but Not Understood

Our voices are heard

But maybe our words go in one ear and out the other

We barely communicate with our sisters and our brother’s

Try to at least hear one word that I say

Maybe we will listen one day

Or maybe we can make today the day

The day where we finally say "No More!"

Where we pick ourselves up

And stop putting each other down to the floor

We fight but we don’t war

We just want change

Constantly waiting on that day the world will change

Problem is we just stand back and wait

Instead of getting serious

We act narcoleptic and delirious

We sleep on each other like pillows and bed sheets

And when you’re up, you watch someone sleep

But yet you want all of the finer things

Don’t forget about the ones that got you here

The ones that made sacrifice upon sacrifice

Just to give you a piece of that lavish life

But we took our eyes off the prize

Let social media distract us with drama, story tales, and creative lies

Instead of finding out who you want to be

You’re studying someone else trying to find what’s the next new thing

Allowed them to cover your eyes, and steal your liberty

Now they’ve taken your sight, you're left blind, with a lack of creativity

This poem is about: 
Our world


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