Our Ultimate Journey

                                                        Walking quickly on the path of green,

the woman suddenly stops to survey the scene.

She could not know

how Life would place a tiny bump

in the woman's well thought out schemes.


Along the path of flowery beauty

comes a man of solemn duty.

He too stops for moment,

and could not possibly forseen,

how one stop on his morning ride

could suddenly change all his hopes and dreams.


In life it seems,

we plan a plan.

The plans of a grand young man.

We pray and hope and weep

and work

so our dreams we do not shirk.


But then comes someone along our path,

an unexpected bump in the road,

who takes away our breath.


God places people on our roads

to make us better people.

He knows, as we cannot know,

that the plans we make are oh so feeble.


So just as the woman with plans in her head

and the man with a solemn duty in someone's stead

met on the path of green,

their lives forever changed,


so you will meet

and perhaps will greet with hostility at the first

that one person who will mess up all your plans

and make your life better than

the one you would have traversed.






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