Our stardust

To see what lies beyond our world

To jump high enough to touch the stars

To fly to the moon and back

To step on a crack without falling far

To be or not to be

To fly instead of swimming

To explore the world, the past, the present

To see the future

To go to places I don't belong

To gain trust

To hope for more

To live

To keep going ahead

To not get bad grades

To shelter all who need protection

To battle against evil

To force love to prevail

To make enemies friends

To make memories last until the very end

To cause to become what was never to be

To write, to draw, to read

To analyze others for what they truly are

To keep me safe

To prevent arguments

To never fall away

To come and to go

You see?

This is what beautiful dreams are made of

This is the stardust that we can wish upon

This is the brave, pure, and courageous

This is all that we should try to hope for to come

This poem is about: 
Our world


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