Our Ruin

Its a terrible feeling, watching your world crumble beneath your feet and you cant do anything but stand by and watch.

Its a terrible feeling, knowing the fate of the world rests our hands and not giving it another thought.

This feeling of knowing that our ruin comes from our ignorance; that our ruin comes from pure laziness.

The fate that we all share could be helped. We could do something. But nobody wants to listen.

Theres this idea out there that we arent the cause of all this, that we are innocent and dont shed the blood of mother nature on our hands.

But that is wrong. Our ongoing slaughter of her skin and her being is obvious everywhere.

We destroy forests to create office buildings. We release toxic gases into the air for our children to breath and the earth to absorb.

Our defenses are weakening and our forests are shrinking. The oxygen is being downgraded.

And we dont seem to care.

And that will be our ruin.

This poem is about: 
Our world


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