Our Pops

Sat, 08/10/2013 - 19:12 -- AustinD

The Clouds,


they press their whole existence

against the cold glass pane in the sky

and they watch us, but they are content,

they do not envy us, because,


The Clouds,

they become amorphous and

ever-expanding wells of darkness

as they experience emotion,


The Clouds,

they are different from us because

when we have feelings we do not expand,

but rather we pressurize,


we The Humans,

do not know how to expand,

we do not swell like the clouds do

as they are emotionalizing themselves,


we The Humans,

take our interpretations, our thoughts,

our emotions and compress them,

but the clouds are different,


The Clouds,

They expand until they are large gray conglomerates

fixated above our heads, devious only in the way

that they become clouds no longer, but water droplets instead,


The Clouds,

they break through that cold glass pane in the sky,

and they release themselves

but we can't do that,


we The Humans,

we pressurize everything until finally,

we pop,

but we don't pop like the clouds pop,


we The Humans,

we are all different,

we each have different reasons

to manifest our emotions,


we are not The Clouds,

we are individuals that each react differently

we are individuals that are able to express ourselves

beyond how the clouds precipitate their emotions onto the forgetful ground,


we each explode our emotions differently,

we splash vibrant color onto our surroundings,

we oscillate our vocal chords to expand our emotions,

we write it down, organized into precise stanzas,


and the clouds do not envy us,

because sometimes our pops are painful,

sometimes our pops are not accepted by others,

sometimes our pops are inopportune,


which is why we should stop the insularity,

we should be inviting of others' pops,

and become receptive to others' pops,

we should not be afraid,


because our pops can create inspiration,

they can fuel the fire of solution,

they can help perpetuate a revolution,

they can be a propellant of unlimited perfection,


our pops can be a point of envy for the clouds,

a point in which we the individuals relish in,

a point that can happen if we are accepting,

a point that makes us pop, in the eyes of the clouds, because,


regardless of how we, the individuals, pop,

we all storm differently,

and it is those differences from each other

that make us Individuals,


and not Clouds.




Thank you for the very nice comment on my poem and I totally agree with you

but this is a scholarship after all and we, as humans, forget (: I did enjoy your poem and 

I liked your diction. I had to google some but over all, good job. I liked how you compared 

us to clouds (:

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