Our Philosophy

I want to be like Dr. Seuss


And paint the globe in bright chartreuse

And make a word that’s plainly mine

Like “ploosh” or “sprink” or “minkaboose”


And tip on toes and tie some tongues

And spread my flair to everyones

And study how a flee fly flews

And study how a rhino runs


And see the world from upside down

And upside down those plenty frowns

And whistle while I work all day

And question if a circle’s round


And carry goats upon my back

And see what weight will make it crack

And gurgle with substantial glee

And pet a great big daddy yak


And kiss a boy or maybe four

And complain that my back is sore

And ride around in a tow truck

And write a little maybe more


Or fly a kite in the deep dark

Or climb an ostrich in the park

Or teach a boy to pick his nose

Or teach him to sing like a lark


Or dance a stupid, crazy jig

Or ride a big, fat mama pig

Or eat bananas off the street

Or buy a rainbow Afro wig


Or wear a scarf inside my pants

Or save the world from bad romance

Or wiggle fingers to cure pain

Or thank the man I took the chance


But there’ll be times I need a rest

And feel like chartreuse ain’t the best

Or ride pick-up instead of tow

Or break the rhyme scheme that you know


And at those times I’ll change the hue

But whistle still the whole day through

And open eyes to see the truth

As he did mine-

That Dr. Seuss.



Love this and love Dr. Seuss!!

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