Our love

Our love is first class
Sit down and take a glass
Come and drench in the past
Long convos never cease to last
on the phone past 12
Will we ever go to bed?
Couldn't say goodnight
Knowing in my head
I'd see you in my dreams
Glowing beyond the seams
Passion streaming in beams
Hand holding
Close and tight
Hold it tighter
Close out the light
Make my hand your refuge
Grab it when your scared
Grab it when you care
Grab it, but don't stare
Smack talking floats around
We don't seem to care
In our own bubble
No ones anywhere
Only you and I
Eye to eye
Heart to heart
Thigh to thigh
Sharing one heartbeat
Rhythmic melody
You can't hit high keys
But yet we still make harmony
Disagreements turn to fights
Smiles drop down 10 flights
Constant disapproval
Can I ever get it right
Still you hold on
To my hand so tight
So close
So right
Again the cycle continues
Constant brawls, same old news
This once, "perfect couple"
Now mediocre individuals
You have your opinion
I have my visuals
Slowly slipping down to deep
I lost my grip on reality
My feet have sunk
My heart has too
Along came our love
Did we even have a clue
of what to do?
No love no less
The only hate able to posses
Is towards myself
For making you love me less
Losing my best friend
Losing my lover
Looking for broken?
You'll see me on the cover
But yet I remember
That one phrase
"All you can do is Wait and Hope"
Which is why I stand here today


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