our last goodbye

Is this our lst goodbye?

Or there is a chance for another try?

Is this our last night?

Or there is a hope that we could be together till tomorrow's sunlight?

Is this our last night?

Don't tell me that you wont hold me again so tight?

Is this our last day together?

you wont be again my sweet lover?

Will this ever change

Or is it going to stay like this forever?

Since you have gone

I'm so all alone

My days are all meaningless

without your soft tender kiss

there is nothing i could feel

Except loneliness

I just wonder

Why did you go away?

why can't  you just stay?

I always pray

pray god to delay this day

But now this is over

Nothing in my eyes except sorrow

But whom will i love tomorrow?

No one.. ever

I jsut really hope

That this is not our last gooodbye

And there would be hope

just for another try.



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