Our Green World

Sat, 12/06/2014 - 23:17 -- _pixie_

Our world is very green and hollow
Blood is our only stains
Many people imagine a world of green
as supreme
And get shocked out of their high highs into their low lows
Full con artist and Joe Schmoes

June twenty-eight year two thousand twenty-eight. All crimes turned legal
we rebelled and slipt our world in two parts but not equal
Shot like a seagull in this new world, its legal to kill bald eagles
And when they scream you name, there is an echo "who"
Out here nothing is normal
Dark green leaks who knew
What is this love you speak of
our hearts are filled with sorrows
Its like a mirror when you look above
Nightfall is near! This revives a fear. Will we see tomorrow, or is the end here?


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