Our future isn't long

Sun, 02/09/2020 - 16:21 -- Vivi127

An open field was full of vibrant green

so far, its the brightest green I’ve seen

Mothers sunrise in the horizon making her gold contagious

Her rays brought joy to every being, it brought me in nostalgia

As I inhale the clean air, deep inside my memory comes back-


It was a world filled with green 

Where the rhythm of the birds humming has echoed the birth of summer

Today, it sang a happy story 

A happy world where there was no killer

A killer who kills our environment did not exist


The birds sang to their lungs-

“This is the world that’s plastic-free

A world where pollution doesn’t exist 

Our future is long!”


A deer appeared behind the bushes 

He sang in the top of his lungs

“Now I can finally live in peace!

This is a world where my home isn’t in danger 

I don’t have to worry about wildfires

Nor worry my friends 

The ocean life is fine

Icebergs melting does not exist

No human is destroying our home

Our homes are plastic-free

Our future is Long!”


It was beautiful scenery of peace

No factories insight 

No Greenhouse gases 

It was the perfect environment to exist 


The environment is so perfect, the breeze blew it away

I have almost forgotten this is a dream

In a pure ideal dream, I have a strong desire

A desire to live a flawless environment 


A throbbing pain appears as I open my eyes

The hot breeze brushes through my body

The morning of this world emerges

A peak of the curtains tells us something  


We are rotten the roads say

I am full of stench that reaks 

I destroy all plants

I destroy the habitats of animals

I let the plastic crash into my area

The cars are my friends 

They pollute the air too 

Let this world rot


The buildings hollered

“I too destroy homes

I promote dangerous chemicals

Now citizens inhale the toxic stench

We have the job to make this normal

We destroy animals homes and use them as test subjects

We are behind for making artificial products

The breakfast you all ate is far from organic 

We have the job to make this normal!

Let this world rot!”


I looked at the dull dark sky

Sirens have rung my eyes 

Leaving me to speak out 

“We are the cause of the destruction

Our future isn’t long.”

This poem is about: 
Our world


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