In Our Eyes

What do you see when a woman walks by?

Do you see the clothes on her body,

or do you see the life in her eyes?


She walked in the library one day,

eyes full of determination and drive. 

But all he saw was the color of her thighs, 

and the way her shorts rode up when she walked away.


You blame her for being raped. You blame her for being assaulted. 

Her clothes provoked the attacker. Her clothes persuaded him. 


What if we changed the way we look at women.

Would it change the way he saw her that day.


Would he have seen the fear in her eyes 

as he traced his hands down her body.

Would he have seen her innocence,

hidden beneath her clothing.


Let's change the way we look at women,

the way we look at each other.

Let's see each other for who we are,

not what we wear or how we look. 


It's what we see in our eyes

that can change everything.


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