As Our Children Become Men


i stare outside this window

glass splintered with frost

the outside ground covered in snow

my sense of sleep is lost


a scarf, and jacket on my back

i head towards the door

my smile in tact

the cold wind blasting upon my face

my eyes left squinting,

as if i'm in a trance


one snow day a year is all we get

i must seize this day now

and leave no regrets.

the snow crushing beneath my feet

the only noise in the air

is chattering teeth


we gather up snow all day,

leaving it for tomorrow

for when we wake.

a fort, some snowballs now in stock

some so dense, and hard as a rock.


tonight, we are left to sleep

warm and cozy,

inside our sheets.

a small grin, or a smile on our cheeks.

excited for the tomorrow that we will meet.

or at least, that's what we think.


alas, the poor white flakes are gone.

the weather of Georgia had fought,

and won.

nothing left but ice on streets.

giving us all the reason to go back to sleep.

but that does not take the grin off of our faces.

with a sleigh, we are headed off to many places.

our day is not dead,

or filled with grief.

we still have a sled,

and icy streets.


its amazing how children seize the day.

they use their imagination,

in so many ways.

use it while you can.

because all of that is gone,

as our children become men.


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