Our Bridge of Pride

Fri, 06/03/2016 - 11:40 -- jerlee

When I look from a distance

A cry began to slay

The wall has grown, before my gong has rung

The nearing war begun beneath my soil that I trembled upon

Am I trippin'? Or is it that I finally see?

I don't know, but my heart is saying that my life is yet complete

To bestow the shadow that I was near

They shaped with no form that has covered the unseen wars

It was a likelihood of no return

To cross Mother Nature path

I foresaw my own death

And a whole generation who are trapped with no vision

It was an art of letting go

To stay would be the darkest miracle a fairy could ever shed

I guess even the tree would be scared of the sun for how long it has gave me shade

My dignity is just a torture for the future

Cause I’m a minority who slowly bridge the gap of time

To say that we are finally one not because of our skin color but our honor as a race

To be bash by our own kind with hatred with suffrage

It would break a strand from the bridge

As time goes on the future generation won’t have a premade bridge

To help guide the lost tongue that our elder yelp in pride

Because' our pride was to strong so we learned only a foreign language…

As I yelp these foreign words, tears rolled down my eyes

And I said, the elders’ tongue I hope you’ll make it to my future child somehow, someday,

Somewhere when the war has finally stop


I’ve worried

Why won’t it come save me?

Why won’t it come?

When I need the words of pain the most

When this invisible wall became visible

Who to blame

Who should I live for?

Please save me from this sorry war that has been forgotten


Mythically being has been created

To dust the mind,

Cause minority are rising

The scream dies out…

If only time travel was a thing when I’m still alive

Why don’t we try to save the embarrassment of the world?

I think to myself, the corrupt world

The end begin when I became to power

I am corruption that leads the minority to their demise

When the bridge has finally broken

I stand alone, silently as I watch a whole generation disappear

I cried, who will I learn from now that my grandma, my grandpa has gone above the wishing star

There must be a way to learn from an invisible war

Where the majority are really the minority of the world

To hesitate would mean I’ve lost a generation from bridging their soul within one another

At what cost will it take to save them

When the elders are being lay down one by one faster than we had imagine

The unseen war has become harder to fight

As the world let out a yell of suffrage

In the end, will the bridge of our pride be enough to ring the gong once more



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