Our Air


Your air is my air.

Many people smoke everywhere as if they don't care,

but remember this is one thing we share.


A child sleeps, as a nasty odor enters the vent.

Not only does it kill them inside,

But it leaves an excruciating scent.

And it all happens with this one thing we share,



A stress reliever it may seem to be,

Smoking away the pressure from yesterday.

But open up a smoker's insides and you will see,

That their ashtray needs to go away.


Some young individuals believe it's cool.

Putting their time towards smoking,

rather than studying for school.


Smoking needs to stop,

Not just for the nicotine addict,

But so one can stay away from a cough drop.

Not just for the environment,

But for everyone living in it.


Everyone says "sharing is caring"

And it most definitely is, 

But not when it's tearing

The health of kids. 


Never forget,

This is one treasure we share.

It's our air.













Wow this is really good. Smoking definitely needs to stop...


Thank you so much! 

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