Will you be with me

If I tell you I don't belong to earth anymore

That I die

And I belong to another skin

My soul flew

And I didn't realized

In other skin


Will you see what I bring in the soul

If I was in other skin

How are you know if someday

you go waking somewhere 

And you see someone

who you can't stop seeing

And result to be me

Will you see what I have in the soul?

To can feel what you can't see in another skin

More than death I'll see you

To talk to you

To test you  

If you can see what I bring in other skin



I'll change of body

But I'll have the same look

just so if you could see

God knows

he gave me the freedom to do it

And will escape so you can realized 

What you didn't wanted to see 

With those eyes that blinds you

To feel if you at least can see

what I bring in the soul 

In another skin.




-Jonatan Vega

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