The Other Side

When I walk down the street,
You look at me funny
Saying in your mind
“we don’t like your kind sonny.”

If I drink at the fountain
You begin to twist and turn
The hands start to clench,
And your stomach begins to churn.

If I say “M.L.K.”
You’re ready to cause a storm
If I sing “Let Freedom Ring,”
You want a thunderstorm.

Why don’t you like me?
Why can’t have a piece of the pie,
Racism should be a thing of the past;
But wait, is that why you want me to die?

You want to come after me
With the KKK by your side,
You want to terrorize my people
And break down our pride.

But just to let you know,
You’ll never break us down
We’ll overcome in the end
And shout freedom all around.

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