Tue, 09/26/2017 - 10:20 -- skropog

my brothers name is Other

all of my brother's friends are named Other, too

and all of my Other brothers have been raised on the soil of the "new world" but do they know that they still walk on the bones of their past Other brothers?


all of my brothers are named Other becuase that is what the white man sees

not a human being full of hope and devotion and life

not a human being with the same soul and heart that every other brother has

no, just Other.

they always only see Other.

they see my brother's skin color and they immediately know his name


my brothers, i am not like you

i can not tell you that i know your fear

your brave fear that you hide from the world

your brave fear that you know they will use against you in their quest for Other brothers

you beautiful, brave fear

my beautiful Other brothers.

i can not apologize enough for your pain and suffering

i can not pretend that i know the pain of losing another brother every. single. day.

i can not tell you right now that i have ever felt pain like you have

all i can tell you is that you are not my Others

you are only my brothers.

not my Other brothers

you are not Other.

you are not what they want you to be.

you are Brother.

no longer Other.



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