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compression of ideologies that

never seemed to fit within the parameters of a


Plurality minus the multiple

Two faced, One sided

Beige skin, check mark divided

Aromatic amalgamations of two islands isolated

and that

Sweet harmonic influence

The clave leads me home

right to the doorstep

no questions about it

Four walls of a greater dimension

Categorically ambiguous

deceiving directed racial aggression



Need not to catch up

Let’s all finish last

Concerned about concentration

Single destination



He said: Que cante mi gente!

Yes we do

I, too, along with the rock ‘n’ roll tunes

of the

Mop top four

and their

cultural persuasion

My ethnic invasion

Pork pies meet pork chops

Arroz con gandules and a cup of breakfast tea

You see,

I am the farmer’s market special

Two for one

All in the same

My parents to blame

and thank.



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