(poems go herOscar
By: Dorothy De Clements
With the wind in my hair and the sun in my face
I cannot help but notice the world and all its grace
My boy so eager and strong
In my heart that’s where he belongs
He turns the corner so fast and swift
Running to me as I Lift

My golden knight is in my arms
Away from all Earth’s harms
As he kissed my face
Something took his lips place

I look at him and sigh
For knowing his past can make anyone cry
His bottom teeth stick out further than the rest
But he knows I love him never the less

Eight years ago I took him home
From all the horrible places unknown
The tight cages in a row
Boxed him in tighter than I’ll ever know
With no food or water
Hell seemed less hotter
Breeding pups for their own selfish profit
If only our World could stop it

A sibling born with three legs, Oh no!
Now all of the puppies must go
Too another place so dark and cold
The pound he stayed, my baby so bold
There he lay
Passed by day-by-day
The siblings aren’t as lucky as him you see
They had far more defects than he
With either heart defects or missing a limb or two
It will be a hard life for them, we knew

My baby barked to remind me
Here is where he wanted to be
In my arms he knew he was home
And that he would never ever be alone.


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