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This person is a face at bedtime.

This person is your show at screen time.

This person is the light you never knew you needed.


When you don’t know what to do,

They will show you.

When you can’t find the drive,

They will push you 





When you’re not looking for answers,

They’ll be there.

When they’re gone,

Their presence is greater.


You always welcome their words

Because their words lighten your path.


Path becomes destination.

Destination becomes where we want to be.

If we don’t embrace our path,

Destination is not that sweet.


That person will join your path,

Become the motor that drives your heart,

And in the end...

You find your ultimate goal.


Everyone WANTS a dream.

Everyone WANTS a future.

Everyone WANTS a good life.

WANTING is only the spark!


People need that spark to get it,

To own it,

To WANT it...


If you found inspiration,

You found a Role Model!

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