Origami Deep Sea Dives

Water on the rocks below.

No wind - even with the hammering rain.

Small corner of the world I know.

I feel it with my toe

and dive.


Sitting on the ocean floor I find another world alive.


Kneeling in my bright sea bed

I give myself to the currents flow,


Til by the ocean life I’m led.




I paddle with the current, and through

A corner-mast of luck -

I hit a happy chord.


Whenever I am bored

Or slightly twisted,

I waver and begin to list,

I fold my fingers in a wishful fist

And lightly call -


Let it be!

Let us have it all!


Not I, alone, not only me -

But all us three, us four…

Sailing in the mighty sea and

Listing with the wishful waves.


Whatever happens -

Let me be.

Let me be brave.


Horizon-bound and grinning,

I am ignorant and winning.

The ocean sounds -


Seak louder! -


With the open sea I’m swimming

In the scarlet-gold and green somehow,

Somewhere I have been somehow.




In fact - in all my eagerness to be -

I realised I was not more powerful than she.

In fact - I thought -

I was the sea.


I’m she.

I’m she.


Side by side along the beach,

With the wind and trees,

With the waves and

Birds migrating in a wishbone V.


I’m she -

I know -

I am the sea.


This poem is about: 
Our world


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