Sat, 04/09/2016 - 19:18 -- Kazmira

6 years ago I set my fate,

When I looked into your eyes all I saw was ice,

And with my firey personality I was determined to break down your walls,

Not knowing you'd put them back up but with me on the inside.

You see 6 years ago you peaked my intrest,

I never met a person as different as me,

And when I said your hair looks like an Octopus it wasn't an insult, 

But a comforting admiration of what it looks like to not be alone.

We got called Oreos because apparently you're too black to be talking so white,

And i'm too white to be acting so black,

That's the first time we heard opposites attract.

You became my sister from another mister,

And right now I really miss ya,

Because all my conversations to you have to pass through God,

Couple idiots on the road couldn't follow the law,

Heads up! Drinking and driving is a bad idea,

They show it everyday displayed on some form of media.

You see I can't live now! It hasn't been the same!

My happiness is dead and i'm no longer sane.

I'm no longer firey, i'm no longer brave,

I'm thinking of all the things that we had saved.

I'm thinking of the stuff I would've given up to have you in my life again,

The one I chose was you in desert island.

It was you who was there for me whenever I cried,

Little fuckboys couldn't hurt me in those rough times.

You fixed my lonliness, it's a sad confession, 

But with everyone around you chose me to let in,

And now since you're gone I guess i've perished,

I still count the years to show I cherish

Our friendship and that i'll never lose

But Nikky I can't..

I can't live without you,,

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