Oreo Skinned Turned A New Color


Skin is what i live in.

Home is what you might call it.

                    There resients a litte woman with personality , adventure and spark.

                                  But sometimes she switches up and becomes the hurt, misunderstood, and weak.

She had to be the opposite of what she really want to be.

Who likes sadness and debbie downers.

They tend to cling to leaders and survivors.

People wanted a show the woman gave them one.

Like puppets they were being played.

Better than that like playing spades.

Time went on like seasons pass.

She observed from her home and wished for more.

Ooo to have have real friends with real joy and just leave the home she resides.

Spark personality was the key.

Now she knows it's been her.

Always her.

Yes sadness and gloom were no fun but in the end those feelings went to the wind.

She been pretendin so long she believed.

Her mind and spirit actually grew, when people have to accept you for you.

Fearing that so long locked her in her house.

Stepping out Stepping out.

The home that was dark is filled with light.

The challnge was to see for herself that you do better when your yourself.





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