Feels like a pile of peels left over from the juiciest sun-soaked orange

            Hands sticky, sweet, soaked

Feels like two stepping through a summery Texas evening

            Cowboy boots, southern twang, bashful country boy asking for a dance

Feels like a tipsy weekend night

            Falling asleep on the grass, dreaming of the memories forgotten by morning

Feels like a charming nightgown and a cold pillow after a long, long day

            Curling up in a down comforter, feathers making the stress dissipate

Feels like homemade rice and beans cooked to the sounds of reggae

            Bowls of warmth, of family

Feels like a nature walk, a walk through the woods

            A leaf for each time the beauty of the Earth is forgotten

Feels like the world Bob Marley imagined

            More little birds than could possibly be counted, no waiting in vain

Feels like bathing in the sunlight

            Looking up at the eternally blue sky, corn silk clouds

Feels like a sundress on the first day of spring

            Flittering green grass, sycamore tree shade

Feels like a new friend

            Nicknames, laughter, late nights, cooking classes

            Singing, screaming, hugging, napping, trusting


Feels like a new friend



Nice poem, feels like home even though I don't live in Texas lol

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