Orange Smoke That Strives in the Night


Inhale the light of a fading street lamp,
Illumination creeping into black lungs,
Cancerous to breathe in smoke, but exhale,
The luminous factors are in virus containing cells,
Streaming in the veins of a vile creature,
The intoxication of a drunkard's thoughts,
Suck it dry; taking the life from a blank sky,
Moonless, starless, frank and bleak; consume it!
Taken into the gullet of this beast.

Shaken into submission, the lamps flicker,
Their desire to shine is hanging on a moment:
Breathe in now, contracting this disease of light,
Entering into the capillaries of grotesque arteries,
Thickening with viral plaque: clogged, 
Releasing the shadows into a filtered mind,
Running from the hazy light,
Tendrils of smoke snaking into repulsive thoughts,
Inhale; exhale; inhale; exhale...


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