Or so I thought.

Mon, 10/23/2017 - 21:45 -- ericart

Going out with someone makes you feel special at first.

Everything seems fun.

"Tell me what your friends think about me," he says.


"Our love shouldn't be defined by what your friends think!," he says.

Under all the pain he causes me, I know it will get better, it's just a rough patch.

"They don't know me and should keep their mouths shut!," he says.


Never did I think I would be one to stay in a  relationship I didn't feel safe in.

Over and over again towards the end I wanted to leave but didn't want his promise of suicide if I left him, to be his fate.

Writing this and going through the emotions again, I would have told my teenage self to put the first letters of each sentence together & leave him.

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