Optimism and Ignorance



Optimism is fine but realism is better

Ignorance is bliss and you have mislead her

Fake it and make it what you want it to be

Leaving to dust all you’ve given to me


Where is your class system written by law?

You’re sitting on our heads; we’re clenching our jaws

Don’t scorn me when I’ve done all you’ve asked

We were overly confident and we were down cast


The moment is long past been within your reach

All the brick are in place and cannot be breached

Mighty be the wall you are trying to climb

Now the soot from your shoe is presently mine


As you stand behind your golden crown

To meet my eyes you must look down

But as you dare to float above us all

We secretly hope someday you will fall


And when you do I’ll be the first one there

Not to help you or hurt you but just to stare

Because neither words nor actions do I possess

That could make me love you any less





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