Of all the things that make me tick
For a big wad of cash
There is but one I must pick
After much mental hash. 
I was born from cautious minds  
Where money is an excuse
A should-be, of abstract kinds
Both an unwelcoming recluse
And an overbearing proprietor.
But this is nothing strange
No, you have heard this before
A million fancy ways for words to arrange
Just so the weary applicant can ask
"Will thee lend thou some shillings; such a worthy task."
But I am no different
I'll admit that much is true.
As you can see I've already spent
A whole sonnet before telling you
The mere thought of my future
All the paths I could cross and touch
A friend, a pupil, a tutor
An Intellectually stuffed mental hutch
Is all I wish for with strength and care.
A thousand dollars in my novice hands
Could very well take me anywhere:
No, not a place in the physical
But to a state in which my soul is full
"How can that be?" one may wonder
Surely a thousand can't do a lot.
I mean, Isn't the point to learn without going under? 
But I see deeper than gold coins in a pot.
I dream a life only a college education permits
Where I study business in a high-rise of Japan's
And study late nights with desperate students
In worn libraries littered with espresso cans. 
While on the weekends, oh the times I'll enjoy!
To cheer for friends in football stands,
Discuss controversies over rice and a sauce of soy,
Or put "afternoon tea with the professor" in my plans.
The possibilities in college are as endless as the night sky
And to reach the stars, I'll do more than just try
So there you have it: my long-winded speech
But an opportunity like this deserves nothing less.
To you and I, I'll state a fact as caustic as bleach:
That I have no extraordinary talent to express.
Yet what I do have is special
Something unique against the others'
I have mind of dreams that will never dull.
Knowing of what I lack only spurs
A desire to allow this imagination to run free
To let it bask in the light of wisdom
To explore my ambition; seek land beyond the sea.
Maybe now you can understand why I've come?
I seek the land of opportunity; one of my ticks
And entering a contest like this, well, it just clicks.
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