the pain inside
threatens the honesty
we hide behind four walls
burrowed pews with sawed off shot guns

those once claimed innocence in your eyes
has been poured out by wrath from a broken heart
the dull sky takes me away to this place
where suicide is never a solution

the notion of angelic fervor in its vested remedy
Satan desires the dripping off of blood out of the mouth's side
still we run away & hide

to a field with sullen dreams
the stench of suicide gives way to love's embrace
evil minds that plug destruction
wandering aimlessly through darkened portals

viscous long hanging fangs that bite
eyes with spots having holes
out of the brilliance of the damned existence
a clear awakening evokes

with both hands open in the air
we then surrender to the very notion of twilight fervor
A sparkling array of blissful care
to reach Opleth with every fiber of my being

springs forth the loving praise of a heavenly attribute
A new day has just begun
aim your arrow to the sun & have a bit of fun

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My community


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