From OPI to Sinful Colors.

From OPI to Sinful Colors.

From Essie to L’Oreal Paris.

You name it, I got it.


How I adore all your colors and shines,

 All deep and riches, soft and bolds.


With all your shades, you could color the universe.

As smooth as silk, but slightly different.

Your brush’s smooth, fine bristles

Dances harmoniously across my fingertips.

Creating excitement in me of how you will look when I’m done.


You cover my plain bare nails

In sheer, shimmery lacquer.

I nearly cry my eyes out when you chip

Because your perfection is gone.


I’m dedicated to intricately use you for hours.

Spending Saturday nights watching YouTube tutorials

Just so I can use you to your fullest potential.


From deep dazzling Rough Red

To, a beautiful Peachy Pink


I’d wear you as how I feel that day.

Matte black with an accent of red and gold.

Or a rainbow of pastels with little dots of white.

Even white nails with 8th and 16th notes

Or a bold turquoise with a black and white chevron.


Your everlasting sparkles distract me

Through tiring history and dragging math class.

As everyone turns their heads towards the glistening shine,

To ask where I got them done

 I rely I did them myself hone!



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