Opening. Saying.

Will I regret I am doing next?

I can’t tell if I will lose her,

If she will see me in a light that has darkened

And turns me into something to be feared.

I love her, more than I have loved before.

Truth can do many things.

Hurt, redeem, ruin, liberate.

I begin to speak, my heart shaking in fear.

All of the sudden I can’t stop,

It is all pouring out, from the part of my soul that scared me.

Boys and girls, not just one. 

Rape and love, seperate yet one.

She looks at me, eyes full of love.

No disgusted reaction, no pity, just love.

My soul bared, raw and open,

I feel still and free, free at last!

I am no longer in fear alone,

But with one who will love no matter what.

She passed the test and won my heart all over again.

I am no victim to be pitied or shamed,

Just a friend who is respected and excepted.

Fear is gone, opening and saying banished it.

Opening. Saying.

No more shaking in fear.


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