Open Your Eyes, Sleep


You come to find that life isn't going to love you

Stay in your bed till you feel my body become numb. Stay in bed till YOU feel nothing

Light shines through your window, and there you still are

Sleeping still like the thoughts in your head

Still as death itself;

Your breathing proves you to be alive

But not full of life.

You wake from a dreamless sleep, and hope that night still hangs in the air...

The light gives away and burned your hope

You close your eyes, and hope to fall into another dreamless sleep

But now that you're breathing is slowing down, and becomes shallow;

You feel actual life leave your body.

But in what way are you dying?

Your heart speeds than slows

Speeds than slows... Speeds than slows,

Like the breaths you know will not stop

Breathing seems far-off now that all you hear is your heart

Thudding painfully obvious in your ear;

Keep your eyes locked shut, cover your eyes, and stay awake

Now open your eyes, and sleep...

Open Your Eyes Sleep.


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