An Open Letter to the New Year

Dear 2018,

I hope to God you're doing well

Because when you do well, the world follows suit

We haven't met yet, but we will tonight

When the ball drops in Time Square and parties of people count down the seconds until your arrival

We are all hopeful

That your presence will give us a new start

A new job

A new fortune

A new kiss

And how lucky are we that we may all live to see your coming

After the hardships we endured

The pain we powered through

The snow that fell as our spirits did

Some of us weren't so lucky

Some didn't realize that they counted down their last new year 364 days ago

So please

Give us all the courage to go into this year fearlessly

Taking on our struggles and our joys as if this is the last we will ever see of them

Because life is beautiful

And sometimes, we fail to appreciate that beauty unless it is at its beginning or at its end

Let us recognize it at this wonderful middle disguized to be new

Because no matter what our troubles, we are all still here

Let's do our best to keep it that way. 




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My family
My community
My country
Our world
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