Open Letter to Dead Philosophers

Words jump off the page in ways that are meaningless 

I scratch my head for a bit thinking it'll make a light switch go off in my head like, "I GOT IT"

Words jumbled up into sentences that are incoherent, the rants of a non-sense philosopher

Esoteric bullshit that sounds like "All contents of meaning are absorbed in the only dominant form of the mediu. Only the medium can make an event."

This has no meaning, there is no meaning, no meaning is meaninglessness , meaninglessness is reality, writing eludes meaning, there are no words to mask what is real, the truth that there is no real, the truth that truth itself is not real, a cyclical nothingness.

I'm such a hypcorite 

Moments of I criticizing those engaged in deep contemplation and I find myself in deep thought and I write it down on paper with the desire to intentionally take my reader on a mind trip.

A ruse. 

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