An open letter to Adam, from Lilith


Dear Adam, 
Do you remember the garden? 
Does the wind take you there still?
In waves and hurricanes of memory and emotion, does that land there return?
To there that place from whence I was expelled,
Among pride and fervor out to hell,
Cast out by God and chased till day,
Three angels did avail.
Be still dear Adam, for I sure do, 
And though my time now follows through
100 of mine but yours too I shall call
And freedom comes despite my fall
Rest sound, dear Adam, my life lies anew
And hell abounds in your life now too.
Of freedom I wake and of truth I sow
A woman above all, yet none shall know.
And thus I, Lilith, hath risen above:
Above that man whom cried for my love
And does still Adam wish me below?
I rise on wings of earth and bone.


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