Fri, 07/08/2016 - 00:15 -- lemaj

My skin is as dark as night,

similar to Onyx and Obsidian,

Hair bushy and sun-kissed,

but that don't mean I always got a gun attached to my hip,

If my melanin offends you - I have nothing to tell you,

because I'm unapollogetically black,

The stereotypes you try to put on me, don't seem to be intact

cause my father is in my life

I don't sling crack,

I'm not a violent gang-banger,

Nor a pregnant teenager,

I'm aiming for a few degrees,

I won't abide by the statistics you put out for me,

cause your shooting our precious every day,

let me just say a few names,


Trayvon, Tamir, Sandra, Eric, 

Amadou, Sean, Micheal and Freddie,

Tanisha, Akai, Walter, Keith,

Philandro, Bernard, Aiyana who was supposed to turn 8 in 13 weeks

Terry Lee, Johnathan, Alton, Felix Kumi,

all who was shot to death by some scared ass police,

I don't know about you but Black Lives Matter to me,

and I won't apologize for my melanin no matter

how many guns you shoot at me,












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