Only You

I lie awake as you sleep next to me, your warmth is all I feel of you, as everything becomes a daze and the room starts to blur, there's a sense of tranquility that fills the room, this is how it's supposed to be, without you this bed, this room, this heart, it would just be empty, even lying awake its hard to toss and turn, it's as if all my worries all my strife just subsides as we are laying side by side, your breath on my neck, your chest close to mine, our hearts, our bodies, our minds becoming one, with your arms wrapped around me I can't help but go into a state of bliss, and heart rates increase with every kiss, thoughts become lost, speech become silenced, gazes become locked, and the world ceases to spin, as the bed becomes our heaven, our bodies become one, pupils dilate, skin precipitates, breathing gets heavier, and lips stay locked, the longer it lasts the greater the bond, as the silence ceases and voices get louder the climax has begun, all movement has ceased, as we fall into each other our eyes begin to close, stuck in one amazingly gentle pose, the whisper of i love you has spawned, and the darkness takes us away until the light of dawn.


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