The Only Truth That Matters

Thu, 04/14/2016 - 22:16 -- KCook

I do not know

about tomorrow.

I do not weep

about yesterday.

I do not worry

about the present.

Life's securities

What are they?

What are they worth?

This is hidden from my sight,

But it matters not.

I know

Just enough.

There is no possession

No wisdom

No power

No mortal Friend

That makes life worth living.

The Lord

Is my Light and my Salvation

Through Him I live 

And for Him I would die.

As surely as I

Am the author of this poem,

So He too

Isthe Author of Life.

The pot is nothing without the Potter,

It does not belong to itself.

A flame does not ignite itself,

It does not choose

What its purpose is.

So too, I did not decide

What my purpose is

Why I live

For what I live.

And I thank God

for I am imperfect.

And my purpose,

That for which I live,

And that for which Christ Jesus died,

Is to make me perfect.

He is all I need

It is the only Truth that matters.






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